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5 minute Review

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Can you guess what it is? Hand hygiene for a 15 second washing interval with antimicrobial soap. There are several other tidbits in this article. It’s not supposed to rain this weekend, yeah! Mike

This week’s review is short, it is a summary of the information you need to run your office’s infection control program. It was developed by the CDC, provides their guidelines and recommendations for control and prevention of infections in a summary and checklist format. The article gives you the resource to link to this document, an excellent reference. I think we have another rainy weekend to look forward to , it might be a good time to review your infection control process. Mike

This week’s review concerns the type of retention and increases in bite force post Orthodontics. If you work with our practice you know the type of retention protocol we recommend which is a mandibular fixed cuspid to cuspid and a maxillary removable wrap around. Among other reasons, I had always noticed we got better “settling” after  Orthodontics. This study confirms this observation, these type of retainers work better than clear shell retainers for many reasons and this is one of them. If you notice a post Ortho patient whose teeth aren’t  in good occlusion, this is an area to check. Also, if you are doing some restorative work and want the teeth to settle afterwards, you might not want to put the patient in a nite guard initially. Looks like another rainy week, find a good book and enjoy. Mike

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